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The Javax → Jakarta mess, it's even worse than I thought
The Javax → Jakarta mess, and a Gradle solution
Deconstructing and rebuilding Wordle (part 2)
Deconstructing and rebuilding Wordle (part 1)
Migrating off of Log4j 2.x
Designing a Gradle plugin for J2CL
Reverse-engineering J2CL–Bazel integration
Maven is broken by design — Take 2: annotation processors
Most build tools misuse javac
Maven is broken by design
In quest of the ultimate build tool
Ninja, JAX-RS and Servlets
How does GWT's Super Dev Mode work?
Announcing gwt-maven-archetypes project
GWT 2.1.1 RequestFactory – Part II
GWT 2.1 Editors
GWT 2.1.1 RequestFactory
GWT 2.1 Places & Activities – What changed between M3 and RC1
GWT 2.1 Activities – nesting? YAGNI!
GWT 2.1 Activities
GWT 2.1 Places – Part II
GWT 2.1 Places
Using Protobuf client-side with GWT
Exploring using Protobuf in the browser